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If you have been injured in a truck wreck, it is a smart idea to seek assistance from an accident lawyer. At our Dallas personal injury law firm, we are ready to stand up and advocate for your best interests after a trucking accident. We are the Dallas law firm of Sommerman & Quesada, LLP, and we represent truck wreck clients throughout Texas and New Mexico in accidents caused by negligent truck drivers.

Preventing Truck Wrecks in Dallas

Truck drivers are paid to be on the road — meaning it is their first and foremost priority to drive with attentiveness and alertness. When truck drivers are pressured by their employers to exceed their allotted hours for work, shipments and loads, and miles they can drive, drivers become fatigued and overworked. This leads to devastating truck wrecks where others are left to suffer the consequences. Our Dallas truck wreck lawyers want to make those victim’s recoveries easier by getting them the legal compensation they deserve after an accident.

Much of our practice is dedicated to helping victims of negligent truck wrecks, including collisions caused by:

  • Truck safety: Our firm is highly experienced in handling claims where the Texas Department of Transportation and federal Department of Transportation laws and regulations were not followed.
  • Tractor-trailer/18-wheeler wrecks: We have represented and tried hundreds of truck wreck cases involving tractor trailers and 18-wheelers.
  • Truck driver fatigue: Our personal injury lawyers have successfully handled and tried cases where truck driver fatigue was the cause of the accident.
  • Fraudulent log books: When evidence is evaluated after a trucking accident, one of the main pieces of evidence is the log book that the driver is supposed to keep. If the log book has fraudulent information, you may be able to recover more compensation for your claim. We are very experienced in handling situations such as these.
  • Overloaded trucks: Drivers may try to overload trucks in order to carry more of the shipment and get paid more. Our Dallas truck wreck attorneys have tried many cases where a negligent accident was caused a truck being overloaded and fully understand these claims.
  • Speeding: Our Dallas truck wreck lawyers have years of experience handling claims where speeding was the cause of an accident. When truck drivers speed, they put themselves and others at risk, which can lead to serious accidents. We know how to handle these claims.
  • Truck driver distractions: Find out some of the most common distractions involved in truck wrecks and how you can benefit from working with a lawyer for your claim.

By working with a Dallas truck wreck lawyer, you can get an objective opinion about your claim and learn about your legal rights. Come to Sommerman & Quesada, LLP, for competent and straightforward legal advice. Over the past 40 years, we have served victims of truck accidents across the entire state of Texas. If you value assertive legal counsel, we are your firm.

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