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When an insurance company refuses to pay for legitimate claims, the injured suffer by bearing the costs. If you have been involved in negotiations with an insurance company that seem to be going nowhere, you have potential alternative options with an experienced insurance attorney.

At Sommerman & Quesada, LLP, we help clients take their claims a step further. We hold insurance companies accountable for failure to pay legitimate claims, refusal to cover justified expenses, unethical business practices, and bad faith. Insurance companies are businesses, and they sometimes prioritize profits over care for their customers. As a result, some initial claims may not receive full, deserved compensation because insurers can save money if you accept the initial offer. Our Dallas-based lawyers are ready to help you determine the full value of your claim, investigate your unique situation, and pursue the compensation you deserve.

Countering the Strategies of Insurance Companies

Insurance companies use many tactics to retain and increase their revenue. They investigate to determine fault, market values of medical expenses, and other damages. Involving an experienced insurance litigation attorney from the beginning of your claim is beneficial. If your claim was denied or not compensated as your policy indicates it should be, our knowledgeable and proactive attorneys may be able to provide you with additional recourse. We work to counter the actions of insurance companies that have failed to compensate our clients properly by thoroughly investigating and preparing cases for legitimate claims. We can work on your behalf to obtain compensation through settlement or court litigation, if necessary. We regularly handle claims involving fire, wind and roof damage, personal injury and property damage, and disability and auto insurance claims. For more information, please call us or see the following pages:

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