General Commercial Liability Policies

Businesses need protections to cover claims of bodily or personal injury and property damage. General commercial liability insurance is meant to provide protections to business owners, their stakeholders, and their assets. If a negligence claim is brought against your business, the legal costs alone could be impossible to cover without insurance benefits. If your general commercial liability policy falls short of what you expected, we can help you examine your policy thoroughly and determine the compensation you deserve. At Sommerman & Quesada, L.L.P., we assist clients throughout Texas and New Mexico whose claims have been denied, clients who have received less compensation than they had expected, and clients whose compensation has been delayed unreasonably. Our Dallas-based lawyers hold insurance companies accountable for the compensation to which our clients are entitled.

Your Business Deserves the Coverage Promised

Insurance companies are in the business of making profits just like you. As a result, some claims may not receive full, deserved compensation. But when your claim is denied or not fully compensated, your revenues suffer — sometimes to the point of bankruptcy. We understand the needs and expectations you have of getting what you paid for in a general commercial liability policy. We represent clients by fully investigating the claims ourselves and helping you establish the full value of your case. Legitimate claims deserve to be covered and paid in a timely fashion. You, as the claimant, should not be left on the hook to pay a settlement or legal costs that your policy should cover. Our law firm will represent your interests for your best possible outcome from necessary legal action, including litigation. A lawsuit for insurance bad faith may be necessary to seek compensation for your business damages and losses. We can also work for punitive damages if the circumstances of your case warrant such action.

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