Disability Policies

Any insurance company can act in bad faith. If you have purchased disability insurance through an employer, your rights have been limited through the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). However, if an insurance policy was purchased by you individually, rather than through an employer, you may have additional rights. Claims of insurance bad faith, claim denials, underpayment, and delays in payment and policy cancellations happen more often than is acceptable. Insurance companies sometimes go to great lengths to wipe themselves clean of responsibility, especially in high-value claims. At Sommerman & Quesada, L.L.P., we assist clients throughout Texas and New Mexico in holding insurance companies accountable for the full amount of benefits to which our clients are entitled. Our Dallas-based disability insurance lawyers have the negotiating and courtroom experience you need for your best opportunity to obtain maximum compensation.

Influencing Responsible Insurance Practices

Our aggressive strategies allow us to work adamantly on behalf of our clients to persuade favorable settlement or fight for enforcement of litigated court decisions. Sometimes insurance companies will go to extremes in attempts to avoid payments or will completely cancel your policy. Your disability could incur medical costs that are impossible to pay without adequate insurance coverage. It could prevent you from working ever again. It could require multiple surgeries. This is just scratching the surface of the potentially long-term costs your disability could require, and it all adds up to dollars in the eyes of insurance companies. They may try to prove that there is no objective evidence of injury, that your disability was pre-existing, or that you are at fault for your injury. They may request evaluation by a medical professional who spins medical conclusions in the insurer’s favor. Our compassionate attorneys will take the time to fully understand your unique situation and provide you with options regarding your own insurance company. If it is necessary, we will litigate your case for your best possible result. Our custom-tailored and vigorously pursued strategies can influence insurance companies to settle for the compensation you deserve.

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