Apartment and House Fire Attorneys in Dallas

Buildings are full of materials and objects that can fuel fires. An apartment or a house can be consumed by fire in minutes. When essential safety precautions, equipment, or systems fail, tragedies can ensue. Our fire attorneys in Dallas carefully evaluate and investigate your case. Our house and apartment fire attorneys help individuals, families and property owners in Texas and New Mexico determine their best options in pursuing full compensation for losses and injuries.

Our attorneys can investigate the causes of fire and injury, which may include:House and Apartment Fire Attorneys in Dallas

  • Improper gas line locations
  • Contractors striking gas lines
  • Broken stove or gas line leak
  • Poorly maintained furnace or water heater
  • Kitchen fire
  • Old or faulty electrical wiring
  • Poor electrical maintenance
  • Flammable carpets, curtains, fabrics and other building materials
  • Broken, improperly installed, or malfunctioning fire safety equipment such as sprinklers, smoke detectors or alarms, fire extinguishers, fire escapes, fire doors, and other required safety measures

Recovering from Fire Accidents and Burn Injuries

By determining the cause of the fire and assessing if negligence or carelessness is to blame, we can try to hold the liable party accountable for their actions. Property damage, burn injuries, falling objects, and smoke inhalation can be extremely serious and potentially fatal. Our burn injury attorneys work diligently to obtain the compensation and medical attention our clients deserve. At Sommerman & Quesada, LLP, we provide counsel, assistance, and legal representation to help our clients recover from the tragedies of apartment and house fires. In many circumstances, fires are caused by the negligence or carelessness of others. Our Dallas-based apartment and house fires attorneys have extensive experience, and we are here to help you whether the at-fault party is determined to be a building owner or landlord, another building resident, a housing authority, a company that has made or installed defective equipment, or someone else.

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